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Call Out Procedure


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Last updated: 10-Sep-2023

How to Call Out MCRO in an Emergency

  1. Dial 999 (or 112 - the single European Emergency Number).
  2. Ask for the POLICE (Some mobile calls divert to a National Call Centre, you may have to ask for the relevant Police Service. Most of the underground features in our area are covered by West Mercia Police, but we also cover West Midlands, Warwickshire and parts of South Staffordshire and Thames Valley Police areas).
  3. Then ask for CAVE RESCUE.
  4. Prepare to give the following details:-
    • Cave or Mine Name and it's location (very important if there are several entrances)
    • Location of casualty underground
    • Numbers and condition of those involved
    • Details of any injuries sustained.
  5. STAY BY THE PHONE If using a mobile stay in a good reception area.
  6. Once the Police contact us an MCRO Warden will call you back for more details so please keep the phone line free.