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Previous Training Events



First Aid practice

Team members have been refreshing their skills in different aspects of First Aid and a variety of Cave Rescue techniques both above and below ground.


Our practice locations can range from indoor climbing facilities (such as the excellent training areas at Arco in Eccleshall which we are able to use each year), to "classroom" based theory sessions and full underground practices with members of other organisations.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Pinzgauer in action during a rescue practiceWe also hold 'familiarisation' exercises with local Fire & Rescue teams and other emergency services and members attend training session with Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group, South & Mid-Wales Cave Rescue Team and other CROs. 


If you are an experienced caver and would like to join us, please contact one of the Wardens on the 'Contact Us' page.


Recent Training Events


Evening Training, March 8th, 2024

For this training session we made use of the recently donated Ruth Lee rescue manakin to try various stretcher packing techniques. Luckily we were able to carry out the exercises under the shelter of the awning over the appliance bay at the fire station, so although it was a little chilly we were dry!

Initial assessment of the casualty.Sorting out the stretcher straps.

Finally!This injury looks a little severe.

Mmm ... might need more than a splint!  

Thanks to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Station Manager for allowing us the use of the yard.



Stores Session, 16th February 2024

An evening session was spent in the stores to help team members familiarise themselves with the layout and newer items of kit. Plus, test a range of cakes and biscuits.



Winter Training Day, 14th January, 2024

Once again our first training session of 2024 took place in the excellent facilities at Arco Professional Safety Services training centre in Eccleshall.

Arco Professional Safety Services, Eccleshall.


After a couple of talks on various first aid and admin matters (particularly vehicle insurance for volunteers) in the morning. We undertook an 'underground' rescue. Control for the exercise was situated in a classroom upstairs, while the 'rescue' was taking place in the rope access and confined space workshop downstairs.


Exercise control - testing electronic T-cards alongside manual ones

The control team working with electronic and a manual T-card systems for comparison. (Picture: Sally Fowler)

After recovering the casualty from underground, the plan was to transfer them across a void (from one platform to another) to reach the helicopter.


Rigging a Tyrolean haulage system

Accessing the casualty!The surface team waiting to haul the casualty.

Surface team ready to go ...The Tyrolean team springing into action...