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Shrewsbury Fire Station Open Day, 2018


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August 18th

We had a display again at this year’s Shrewsbury Fire Station Open Day. We were sited at the far end of the Fire Station yard again, which gave us space to spread out a little.

MCRO Team members relaxing before the public arrive.

Among the highlights of the day was the usual demonstrations on how to deal with chip pan fires, cutting a casualty out of a car (this year it was a two car collision with a trapped cyclist under them!), rescuing a distraught person from a tall building, demonstrating how to approach a burning building using the ‘smoke house’, plus activities for children - a tour of a smokey inflatable house, climbing into fire tenders, the Playbus and displays from Shropshire & Staffordshire Blood Bikes, Shrewsbury Street Pastors, and some very tasty home made cake stalls!

The Playbus and Blood bike displays.

The RTC - two cars and a cyclist

The Fire Service demonstration with the 'smoke house' at Shrewsbury station


For the MCRO display John Morgan and Graham Smith had come up with a plan to add ‘ends’ to the large plastic tubes which we borrowed from Dudley Caving Club.

Once the display was set-up, ends fitted to the tubes, and stickers applied, they then had to be tested - naturally!

The idea being that the ‘ends’ would also act as stabilisers and prevent the tubes from rolling away - not good if there are small children inside them!

The testing had to be thorough!


Dea Wilkins made some stickers to go on them to add to the effect. The nett result was very good and the tubes and squeeze box proved very popular during the day.

The stickers proved popular.The little stickers given to the children for successfully crawling through the tubes and the squeeze box were very popular - some children coming back several times to crawl through just to get another sticker!



Strange visitors! Just a little too large to fit ...

At the end of the day, when most of the visitors had gone home, we had some strange visitors - are they modelling new cave oversuits or cave diving outfits?

Unfortunately (luckily?) the tubes were just a little too small for an Imperial Storm Trooper!

Not sure who or what the other character in black was supposed to be. I’m guessing some sort of futuristic policeman?

If you know the answer then let us know.

Thank You

To Dudley Caving Club for lending us the Squeeze Box and large plastic tubes.