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Noxon Park Rescue Practice, Sunday 4th March 20120

Despite torrential rain and even some hail, seven members of MCRO attended Gloucester Cave Rescue Group’s surface training exercise at Noxon Park in the Forest of Dean on Sunday 4th March 2012.

Team members waiting by the control point (in the rain!) for the start of the exercise 'Scowles' found in the woods during the search

The exercise concentrated on communications, control, the use of GPS and familiarisation with the area.

All radio messages and details were logged and recorded by control One of the many cave and mine entrances recorded during the exercise

Having been split into groups, each team was allocated an area, a GPS and radio to observe, record and report any mine entrances plus fence damage. The teams used the GPS to accurately record their location and reported back using radios to the control tent.

Team members reporting location details back to control Debriefing the teams at the end of the exercise









As well as now being far more familiar with this little visited area, this was an excellent exercise in radio etiquette and control particularly with six teams having a radio on the same channel and having to continuously provide updates to control.


Emma Porter (MCRO Warden & Training Co-ordinator)