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Assistance at OFD, February 4th, 2012


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Assistance Provided to South & Mid Wales CRT at OFD

On Saturday 4th February at 19.05 a party was reported to SMWCRT as being 1 hour overdue on a through trip from OFD I to OFD II.


The weather conditions at the time were quite poor with heavy rain falling onto snow, which would have made it difficult for others to have reached Penwyllt and potentially cause problems underground. By chance several members of MCRO were staying at the South Wales Caving Club and already being on scene were able to assist SMWCRT.

An initial small team (including MCRO members) was deployed to make a quick trip to Maypole Inlet and establish a radio link. The plan was for an experienced party to be deployed for a through trip from OFD1 and a search party for Top entrance when numbers allowed and the first team to Maypole Inlet had reported in.

However, the overdue party was found at the OFD II gate at 20.30 by the first search team. There were no major issues reported, one of the party members apparently being tired and the trip simply took longer than estimated.

Incident completed by 21.00.


Graham Smith (MCRO Warden)