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Training Events & Exercises, 2013


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Joint training with GCRG, Forest of Dean, 7th December 2013

MCRO members were invited to GCRG’s land and underground search exercise in and under Noxon Park. Thanks to GCRG for organising the event and for the social and meal afterwards.

Joint land search training with SARA Tewkesbury, 20th October 2013

MCRO members joined SARA Tewkesbury on a series of mini exercises/workshops to highlight specific skills/issues for land search

MCRO Comms Day, Huglith Mine, 10th August 2013

An underground day practising and testing underground communications in Huglith Mine, with interesting results!

Steve Holding operating the underground Heyphone setThe Heyphone (center) with battery on right, microphone and PMR radio on left.

'Scenes of Crime' training with GCRG, 6th June 2013

Several members of MCRO attended a classroom based training session at the Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group's depot to learn how to deal with possible crime scenes. The session, run by a serving Police officer, covered the key elements in securing a scene to preserving evidence, what to do and more importantly what NOT to do!

Land search training with SARA Tewkesbury, 20th June 2013

Members of MCRO attended classroom training on land search techniques, organised by SARA Tewkesbury.

Joint training with GCRG, SARA Tewksbury, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue and MCRO, Forest of Dean 2nd June 2013

This was a multi-team event which in the morning included an underground search, unexpected and impromptu Land Rover winching practice, and use of the quadpod, Alpin stretcher and Actsafe rigging frame. SARA Tewksbury provided some classroom tuition on land search in the morning, followed by an afternoon of search exercises in the Forest. View pictures >>

Emma Porter examining equipment on the Inspection course.BCRC Fall Protection Equipment Inspector Course, 1st June 2013

The British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC) ran its first inspection course, kindly hosted by Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group and run by BCRC Equipment Officer and MCRO Secretary, Mike Clayton. The course was aimed at Cave Rescue equipment officers and team members who are responsible for the formal inspection of team rescue equipment. Congratulations to MCRO members, Andy Harris and Emma Porter, who both successfully passed the course.

Joint land search training with SARA, 10th March 2013

With some members of MCRO taking part in land search training with a view to supporting the Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA) on land searches, some of the team attended a joint SARA training exercise in the Forest of Dean. This was the first full-blown land search training exercise that MCRO had attended and proved to be an invaluable exercise.

MCRO Training Day, 13th January 2013

Over Thirty team members from MCRO and GCRG arrived at Total Access (UK) Limited's classrooms and training centre facilities once again on Sunday 13th January 2013 for a series of presentations and practical training. Read a brief report on the Training Day >>


Manouvering a stretcher casualty across an underground obstacle