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Training Events & Exercises, 2014


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Previous Training Events



Search & Rescue Training Day, Shropshire, 20th September 2014

Team members took part in a search and rescue exercise on the Stiperstones, Shropshire. Practicing elements of land search across the Open Access area of the hills, coupled with investigations of lesser known mine shafts and adits in the area. The 'casualty' was eventually found to have fallen down a 30m deep shaft and was recovered.

BCRC Training Day, Buxton, 12th April 2014

Team members were able to attend the British Cave Rescue Council Technical Training day at Buxton Fire Station. Where representatives of cave rescue teams from around the country demonstrated new techniques and swapped ideas.

SARA Land Search Training, 22nd March 2014

Members of MCRO's Land Search team joined the Severn Area Rescue Association's land search training exercise at Tewkesbury to brush up on their skills.

Joint training with GCRG, Forest of Dean, 2nd March 2014

Several members of MCRO attended Gloucester Cave Rescue Group’s training exercise in the Forest of Dean.

MCRO Training Day, 5th January 2014

Over Thirty team members from MCRO and GCRG attended the annual training day at Total Access (UK) Limited's classrooms and training centre facilities on Sunday 5th January 2014 for a series of presentations and practical training.

This year team members were able to practice their communications skills using multiple 'France phones', a little tricky inside a building - but it worked!


In the afternoon several practical scenarios were available for team members. Rigging and hauling with a 'Luffing frame', plus rescuing an unconscious casulty from a pitch, then hauling them to safety.

MCRO Warden & Training Officer Mike Clayton briefing team members.

Attempting to remove an unconscious casualty from a pitchUsing the Luffing frame to haul a casualty up a pitch