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Land Search Support, 20th November 2021

Some of our team members who are Land Search trained, were called out to support the police and our neighbouring mountain rescue team Severn Area Rescue Assoication (SARA) with a missing person search in the Herefordshire-Gloucestershire border area. Thanks to all our members who turned out - all volunteers, on call 24/7.

SARA Search Control Search team

(Pictures courtesy SARA - Tewkesbury)


Cave Rescue Incident – Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, 6-8 November 2021

Moving the casualty through OFDA major incident began to unfold during the afternoon of Saturday 6th November in Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, South Wales following reports of a seriously injured caver. MCRO members who are also part of the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team (SMWCRT) were made aware of the situation when SMWCRT mobilised a full team call-out via SARCALL (Search and Rescue SMS text callout system). By late afternoon, reports returned from the medical team, following their initial casualty assessment, confirmed that this was going to be a long and difficult rescue and assistance from other cave rescue teams would be needed. MCRO was asked to report to the scene for a 3am (Sunday) deployment with 18 team members attending. In total over 250 members of 10 of the 16 BCRC cave rescue teams took part in what turned into a 54 hour long successful rescue. Well done to everyone involved and wishing a speedy recovery to our fellow injured caver.


You can read more on the incident report page >>


Rescue Practice, 31st October 2020

Yet again Halloween turned into a masked event with our underground rescue practice at Clive Mine providing plenty of interesting scenarios. Read more details >>


"The Rescue" - an account of the amazing Thailand Cave Rescue

The film goes on Nationwide general release on Friday 29th October. "The Rescue", an account of the rescue of twelve Thai school boys and their football coach from a flooded cave system in 2018. It revealing the perilous world of cave diving and the bravery of the rescuers, the film tells the story of the imagination, determination and unprecedented teamwork displayed during this heroic mission with life-or-death stakes. The UK divers had a considerable input into the making of this film making it is more factual than most filmic versions of the rescue.

Don't miss the nationwide previews in selected cimemas on Tuesday October 26, which includes a Q&A with the filmmakers and divers Rick Stanton and John Volanthen, hosted by Ben Stiller.

Find times and book tickets: www.therescuefilm.co.uk/tickets/

Watch the YouTube Trailer at: youtu.be/DHIrK3dO3SU

The Rescue. (Picture from Fogwoof/National Geographic)

Film Company Synopsis:

THE RESCUE chronicles the dramatic 2018 rescue of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach, trapped deep inside a flooded cave. Academy Award-winning directors and producers E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin reveal the perilous world of cave diving, the bravery of the rescuers, and the dedication of an entire community that made great sacrifices to save these young boys. An outing to explore a nearby system of caves after soccer practice transformed into a two-week saga of survival and a story that would capture the world's attention. With exclusive access and never-before-seen footage from the rescue, the film tells the story of the imagination, determination and unprecedented teamwork displayed during this heroic edge-of-your-seat mission with life-or-death stakes.


Stiperstones, 2nd January 2021

A stunning day on the Stiperstones and a surface assist. Four members of MCRO, who were hiking, came across a concerned delivery driver whose van was stuck on a very icy, single track road up a steep hill, and she had taken to delivering parcels by foot, walking miles through the snow. After a few phone calls with one of our wardens, helping the driver manoeuvre her van, a local team member turning out in his 4x4, the team helped the driver get safely on her way.

A nice day on the Stiperstones. (Picture: Emma Porter)


PPE Rescue Practice, 31st October 2020

Halloween is an ideal time for wearing masks, so it was appropriate that we held our PPE Rescue practice at Snailbeach on 31st. October. Read more details >>


Online Training, 11th October 2020

In place of a planned rescue practice an online training session was held on Sunday 11th. There was a good turn-out, sessions on Covid requirements, the BCRC COVID guidelines, SARCALL, and Personal kit inspection were delivered.


Introduction to PPE Rules, 21st August 2020

When Lockdown 1 restrictions were eased towards the end of the summer an evening training session was held at Tweedale Fire Station to introduce team members to the new guidelines issued by BCRC for cave rescue teams and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). See the training page for more details.


Five-Gas Meter

In May we took delivery of a Gas Alert Micro5 (Five-Gas) meter. It is part of the very generous 2019 donation by Honeywell Analytics of portable gas detectors to all 15 UK Cave/Mine Rescue Teams. We have two sets of the Gas Alert MicroClip X3 (Four-Gas: Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Monoxide, depleted Oxygen) detectors. The five gas meter has been loaned by BCRC to selected teams, where Carbon Dioxide is a recorded hazard in the mines or caves of the area they cover.

The new meter is slightly more complex in operation and Steve Holding has been getting to grips with it while testing the air quality in several Shropshire locations. Steve has been using his findings to contribute towards the BCRC Gas Guidelines written by Brendan Sloan the BCRC Medical Officer.

It is hoped at some point in the future to offer an online training session for team members on how to correctly operate the Gas Alert Micro5.

The Gas Alert Micro5 (Five-Gas) meter Gas Alert Micro5 on loan from BCRC.


Friday Evening Training Session, 13th March 2020

We had a training evening at our stores testing our use of Sarcall, and refreshing our first aid and casualty care skills. We also had a visit from a new MCRO supporter. This was our last training session before Lockdown 1.

Using the Little Dragon (pre-Covid-19!) Our latest supporter - too young to join the team yet.


Gloucester Cave Rescue Group - Practice & Training, 8th March 2020

A great day of teamwork in the Forest of Dean, 10 members of MCRO attended GCRG's cave rescue practice. There was lots of stretcher handling, hauling and people called 'Dave'. An equipment inspection training session was also run to refresh GCRG and MCRO team members who's inspection 'tickets' were due to expire. Thank you GCRG for the invite.

GCRG Hauling exercise Checking an old krab on the inspection course.


Winter Training Day, 12th January, 2020

We met at Arco Professional Safety Services training centre, Eccleshall (formerly Total Access) for our annual winter training session, making use of their excellent facilities and rope access workshop. See the Training page for a little more detail.

Arco Professional Safety Services, Eccleshall